Generic Greeting proudly present: Sketchy - an exhibition by Lewis Royden


TwentyTwentyTwo, Generic Greeting & The Mango Club are proud to present: Sketchy - an exhibition by Lewis Royden 
Featuring illustration by Mike Howard, Chris Alliston, KIDMILK & Will Berry

Exhibition Launch 7pm
Twenty Twenty Two
Free Entry

Sketchy is a brand new exhibition by Chester based photographer and videographer Lewis Royden. Lewis, whose work has been featured in Sidewalk Magazine, has selected 4 of his favourite artists to repurpose his skateboard photography in their own style to create brand new artworks that reflect the subculture’s creative side.

In the Lewis’ own words:  

"I considered the fact that quite a lot of the best artists I know are also somehow involved in the skating community- where a lot of my own work originates.
I wanted to bring together a few artists from within this community to collaborate with on some new fresh pieces of work, using skateboarding photographs as a canvas for their own handywork, in an attempt to express how this often rudely dismissed scene can actually be a source of great artistic creation.
When working on this project I have always been concious not to confine any of the artists into boxes. I wanted everybody to incorporate the photographs into the work they produced the best they could, but aside from this everyone had complete creative freedom to come up with whatever they deemed fitting, 
and I’m really proud of what we have achieved.

Will Berry is an architectural illustrator based in Manchester. His ability to create and recreate urban environments in his own unique style meant he’s an ideal collaborative partner for a project like this one where the environments mean so much.
His simple yet detailed technique makes his work look intriguing and extremely professional, drawing you in to keep looking closer.

KIDMILK is an illustrator based in Manchester. Working between both digital and freehand, KIDMILK’s drawing often has underlying messages and always shines with personality. 
With an ability to create portraits with a flawless yet cartoony likeness, his quirky techniques had me really keen to see what could be possible in a new bracket of work.

Chris Alliston is an illustrator currently based in Liverpool, best known for his work doing tour posters for metal bands such as Mastodon & Elder. Chris’s extraordinarily detailed designs are instantly recognisable as being time consuming and painstakingly done.
His ability to create stunning murals with such tiny instruments is amazing, and to have his ink on my pictures is a dream come true. His enthusiasm for working on a project with photographs was so much that it would have been impossible for me to have left him out of this collaboration.

Mike Howard is an artist from Chester. Able to excel at pretty much anything art based - both analogue and digital - Mike is an all round talent with enormous potential.
You’ll struggle to find anything he’s produced that doesn’t make you wonder just how far his imagination will take him. It’s a pleasure to have Mike on board, and his uniquely surreal designs have always been high on my personal list of favourites.”

The exhibition launch is free entry and will feature DJs from Generic Greeting Collective and The Mango Club.

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Pomona Island

We’re very proud to present Pomona Island, a new documentary by GG’s award winning film-maker George Haydock.
Pomona Island gives insight into an often ignored but well loved area of Manchester city centre. As with his previous film Concrete Sleep George takes on a subject that in less talented hands would be dry and sterile and injects it with emotion and a sense of awe. 
The film was premiered by the consistently fascinating Skyliner blog whose creator Hayley Flynn (who is featured in the film) asked George a few questions about the film: 

Why Pomona Island?

George Haydock: ”What fascinated me about Pomona Island is that somehow, through the cracks of hyper-development and regeneration, here lies a totally unmanaged, largely un-used and unnoticed area of land, over a mile in length, just quietly sitting a stones-throw from both Manchester and Salford. It just exists in a strange limbo between its former industrial use, and it’s inevitable destruction and future development. It’s existed in this limbo for 41 years, since the Docks closed. At first glance it does look a mess. However, take a closer look and you’ll see beauty in the chaos. It might seem like wasteland, but it carries a wealth of cultural, environmental, political, historical and philosophical implications. When I began researching it became clear that there is a very niche but varied fan-club of Pomona Island and spaces of a similar nature. I found this range of perspectives fascinating. Many implications and discussions can be drawn from this piece of land – and most people don’t even notice or realise it is there.”

What do you hope to achieve by bringing Pomona to the public eye?

GH: “The Island is home to many biologically rare and important flora and fauna. It’s teeming with life and nature. If the development happens, it will be tragic. Hopefully this film will encourage people to go and take a look around while it still exists. 

And of course, Peel. As it stands they seem to produce a report every half a year or so with new development plans for the area. The film however, is not political in its intent, making only one reference to Peel. My main intention was to capture the essence of this unusual space, to glorify it, live with it and let it dwell for while. I wanted to celebrate the areas state of limbo – and see it with open eyes.

A lot of people who look at the space see and feel nothing, they might see this film and think it’s trivial, but in a way that tension is what interested me. The film is ultimately an attempt to challenge and cause friction against most people’s perspective. For me, film should speak at an intuitive level – and this is what I aimed to do with Pomona Island.”

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New Invite website

The video production arm of Generic Greeting has a flashy new website!
Check it out over at

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We Are Invite’s Independent Venue Week Video

Here’s Generic Greeting’s sister video production company We Are Invite’s video for Independent Venue Week. It was a pleasure for Generic Greeting to team up with IVW, Sways Records and Soup Kitchen to present the Manchester leg of the series. The day was great and saw a rammed to capacity Soup Kitchen witness live performances from Kult Country, Bernard & Edith, Aldous RH, Francis Lung and Naked (on Drugs); DJ sets from Jonny Dub (Hoya:Hoya) and Szajna, Kernon, FREnchfire and Big War (Generic Greeting); artwork exhibited by Callum Brodie, Eilis Healy, Emily Briselden-Waters, Dan Kimber, Kidmilk and Will Berry of Generic Greeting and Natalie Curtis of Sways Records. We’d like to thank everyone the came down on the day, all the staff at the venue and everyone else involved in making our day and the whole week a success.

Independent Venue Week 2014 from Independent Venue Week on Vimeo.

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Kickstarter video made by GG video arm WE ARE INVITE.

Support the campaign for TUSK JOURNAL here 

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Save Salford’s last remaining cranes

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Video made by the Generic Greeting video team for Box of Tricks theatre. A trailer for an upcoming play ‘In Doggerland’.

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Video made by the Generic Greeting Collective video team for the Manchester Print Fair No.6

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Video from Ecosocialism 2013 - a conference in Manchester. Made by Generic Greeting Collective video team for The Green Left. 

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Video made by the Generic Greeting film team for Inprint Liverpool. 

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We are proud to finally reveal Concrete Sleep - an award winning short abstract documentary which explores cities and dreams. 

This is the most ambitious film project yet by film makers Alex Mannion Jones, George Haydock and Matthew Rowlands.

As they move onto their next projects it’s about time that Concrete Sleep became available to view. 

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Deported - A film by Matthew Rowlands & Alex Manion-Jones

Matthew Rowlands (of Generic Greeting) and Alex Manion-Jones (who co-directed Generic Greeting’s film ‘Concrete Sleep’) are making a documentary exploring issues of identity and past mistakes made. 
The film, which has a working title of Deported, is being produced in Mexico and will look at individuals who have been deported from the US, where they have lived all their adult lives.
Even though the film has reached its Kickstarter goal this allows only a shoestring budget for production and so further funding will be much appreciated.
To find out more about the film and donate please visit the film’s Kickstarter page.

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Event promo for 2022nq - Made by Generic Greeting - George + Matt

Great venue.

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Made by Generic Greeting - Matt and George. 

For “Intern” Kickstarter campaign - HERE

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Here’s a video documenting the Ambisonic Sound Installation ‘Cymbiose’ by Graeme Truslove for SONIC FUSION by Matt and George of GG

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