Kickstarter video made by GG video arm WE ARE INVITE.

Support the campaign for TUSK JOURNAL here 

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Save Salford’s last remaining cranes

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Video made by the Generic Greeting video team for Box of Tricks theatre. A trailer for an upcoming play ‘In Doggerland’.

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Video made by the Generic Greeting Collective video team for the Manchester Print Fair No.6

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Video from Ecosocialism 2013 - a conference in Manchester. Made by Generic Greeting Collective video team for The Green Left. 

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Video made by the Generic Greeting film team for Inprint Liverpool. 

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We are proud to finally reveal Concrete Sleep - an award winning short abstract documentary which explores cities and dreams. 

This is the most ambitious film project yet by film makers Alex Mannion Jones, George Haydock and Matthew Rowlands.

As they move onto their next projects it’s about time that Concrete Sleep became available to view. 

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Deported - A film by Matthew Rowlands & Alex Manion-Jones

Matthew Rowlands (of Generic Greeting) and Alex Manion-Jones (who co-directed Generic Greeting’s film ‘Concrete Sleep’) are making a documentary exploring issues of identity and past mistakes made. 
The film, which has a working title of Deported, is being produced in Mexico and will look at individuals who have been deported from the US, where they have lived all their adult lives.
Even though the film has reached its Kickstarter goal this allows only a shoestring budget for production and so further funding will be much appreciated.
To find out more about the film and donate please visit the film’s Kickstarter page.

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Event promo for 2022nq - Made by Generic Greeting - George + Matt

Great venue.

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Made by Generic Greeting - Matt and George. 

For “Intern” Kickstarter campaign - HERE

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Here’s a video documenting the Ambisonic Sound Installation ‘Cymbiose’ by Graeme Truslove for SONIC FUSION by Matt and George of GG

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FREnchfire - FLOWING

Visuals by George Haydock

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Souvenirs (2013)

A short Documentary about Urban Exploration. Directed by George Haydock.

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Concrete Sleep at Kino Exposed Film Festival

We are proud to announce that ‘Concrete Sleep’ - A film by George Haydock, Matthew Rowlands (both of Generic Greeting) and Alex Mannion-Jones has won “Best Student Short” “Audience Award” and “Best Overall Short” at Kino Exposed Film Festival 2013!
The film’s next screening in Manchester will be on the 21st of June at 2022. More details here.

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Sonic Fusion Projects supports artists to explore the use of sound and technology in the creation of immersive experiences.

The commissions explore the innovative use of advanced sound technologies housed at the University of Salford’s Acoustics department.

64 Beautiful Phase Violations by Mark Fell formed part of Salford Sonic Fusion Festival, 2013

Video by George Haydock and Matt Rowlands of Generic Greeting Collective.

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