Big War - THIZWATITIZ mix for Oki-Ni

Check out this fresh new Bay Area inspired rap mix by Big War for Oki-Ni featuring tracks from Squadda B, Lil B, ISSUE, Young Thug and more: 
Artwork by Will Berry.

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To Whom It May Concern Exhibition


Our first ever pop-up exhibition was at 2022 two years ago so it’s fitting to have our first full group exhibition in Manchester in the recently relaunched TwentyTwentyTwo. 
We’ve welcomed a host of new talent to the illustration and design contingent of the collective since then and we can’t wait to show off some of their brilliant work.
Alongside Generic Greeting’s artist’s work will be specially commissioned work by the amazing illustrator Tim Hopgood.
The exhibition will feature work from: 
Emily Briselden-Waters
Will Berry
Tash Willcocks
Matt Rowlands
Dan Kimber
Eilis Healy
Harry Mckenzie

and the launch night will be soundtracked by Generic Greeting DJs: 
Big War
DJ Croww

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Szajna - People Are Well Funny EP

It’s here! 
The new EP from Szajna - People Are Well Funny. 4 tracks of bright, colourful beats available for free download. 
Artwork by GG’s Kidmilk

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Proud to announce we have a new member!Talented Illustrator, skateboarder, and all around bro…Harry MckenzieHave a look at his work here: to the collective buddyy!!

Proud to announce we have a new member!
Talented Illustrator, skateboarder, and all around bro…
Harry Mckenzie

Have a look at his work here:

Welcome to the collective buddyy!!

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FREnchfire - FLOWING

Visuals by George Haydock

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video by George Haydock & Matt Rowlands of Generic Greeting Collective.

'Edition' a collaborative project with DR.ME, SAVWO and the University of Salford

DR.ME and SAVWO are some of the most prolific and highly regarded members of Manchester’s young design scene. With an impressive and growing list of clients from Umbro to Manchester International Festival their left field approach has record labels and bands clambering for their wares in a city well used to receiving international acclaim for it’s creative energy.

Designers Ryan Doyle (DR), Mark Edwards (ME) and Designer/Printmaker and University of Salford Artist in Residence John Powell-Powell Jones (SAVWO), were inspired to create the ‘Edition’ project by Screen prints produced by master printers from the Manchester Print Workshop in the 70s and 80s held in the University of Salford’s art collection.

'Edition' brings together the DR.ME and SAVWO studios in a disused space in the centre of Manchester. For a two week period, 'Edition' will become a powerhouse for 'new work for work's sake', creating prints, zines, drawings, paintings, postcards etc in limited runs. They will be joined by design and illustration students from the University of Salford who will be working alongside them.

The work created during the fortnight will be exhibited at the new temporary studio/gallery space ‘Edition’ over the weekend 2 - 3rd February.

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vocal; atfc ft rae - it’s over

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Let’s Do This Together - A Xmas Manchester Print Fair.

We organised this event which aimed to bring together the Manchester design creative community to showcase and sell their work. Over 30 different individuals and groups took part. Massive thanks to everyone involved and 2022nq for being a fantastic host venue.

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An exclusive for Generic Greeting collective. 
Artwork by KIDMILK.


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check out the latest mixtape from our friend and collaborator ISSUE. It features verses from Das Racist, Haleek Maul and Murs. Production from Supreme Cuts, Droop-E and Ryan Hemsworth. PLUS artwork by Generic Greeting’s own KID MILK.Download it here… 

check out the latest mixtape from our friend and collaborator ISSUE. It features verses from Das RacistHaleek Maul and Murs. Production from Supreme CutsDroop-E and Ryan Hemsworth. PLUS artwork by Generic Greeting’s own KID MILK.

Download it here… 

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