Generic Mix #05: Greetings From FREnchfire


We’re proud to present the fifth instalment in our Generic Mix series, this time from Hereford born, Manchester based producer and DJ Alex Lowther-Harris AKA FREnchfire.

Alex steps up to the plate with a heavy selection of tracks that strides between ambient jazz and r&b. FREnchfire blends these two genres together with unique style in his own productions, 3 of which are featured in the mix…

The artwork this month comes from our strikingly talented Generic Greeting new recruit Emily Briselden-Waters. Have a peep of her website here.

JMSN – Everything fades
Shlohmo ft jeremih – Bo peep
Herbie Hancock – Wandering spirit song
Kwabs – Last stand 
Julia Losfelt – away 
Agnes Obel – Dorian 
Chet baker – Daydream 
Blood orange – High street
FREnchfire – ghost and death 
Purity ring – Amaneny (Jon Hopkins remix)
FREnchfire – grit yo teeth 
FREnchfire – Loldeath 
Adventure time – Tart toter 

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