Generic Mix #03: Greetings From Szajna

After previous contributions by Mørk and Big War, we’re proud to present the third offering in our Generic Mix series - this time by Szajna.

Szajna started his musical life as a jazz drummer and percussionist. At 17 he started DJing on his mates pirate radio show, he later decided to move to Manchester at the age of 18, picked up sets at Sankeys, K2 and The Zoo.

It was from playing out to bigger and more responsive crowds that inspired Szajna’s desire to write music. Since then he has made dozens of tracks, 2 Solo E.Ps and an E.P with fellow Generic Greeting member FREnchfire.

As well as holding down three weekly residencies across the city. Szajna has performed at many other events including Parklife Festival 2013, Basementality (York) and at The East Village Arts Club (Liverpool).

This mix was recorded live at Joshua Brooks, one of Generic Greeting’s musical bases in Manchester. It features songs from past and present, from Szajna’s back catalog of productions and tracks he has picked up along the way.

The artwork this month has been beautifully designed by the multi-talented FREnchfire

Track Listing:

1. Szajna - Pop Rocks
2. Szajna - Babybel Tamagotchi (Remix)
3. Szajna - Post No Bills
4. Josh Butler - Keep Movin’
5. Yamen & Eda - All Out
6. Orazio Fantini - On Hold
7. Szajna - The Common
8. Szajna - Eye Wish
9. Szajna - West Wing
10. Dale Howard - Throwback (Dub)
11. Coyu & Ronald Christoph - Worship The Sun
12. George Fitzgerald - Every Inch (Deetron Remix)
13. Chesus - Newark

14. Detroit Swindle - Brotherman

15. The Motion - Kezla

16. Special - Chesus

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