GENERIC MIX #02: Greetings from Big War


After a brilliant mix last month by MØRK we are proud to present the second installment in our Generic Mix series, this time by Big War. 
Based in Manchester, Big War has been producing music for the last 4 years and DJing both in Manchester and further afield for the 3. His productions have received praise from the likes of Dummy, Vice, Southern Hospitality and rap critic deity Noz, whilst he has DJed alongside artists such as Mount Kimbie, Lone and Flako.  
The mix runs through various explorations of spacey hip-hop, rap and boogie and features both brand new and classic tracks.

Artwork by Kidmilk:

Tonstartssbandht - Hymn Eola 
DJ Azamat - Stolen Waves (screwed)
Mizz Beats - Scientific Brainpreist
K-Stylis - Booty Me Down
Morgan Zarate - Hookid
Brey - Gucci Gucci (I Dead Your Vocals On A Quick One Instrumental)
Kuh-Lida - Like.A.Million
Black Milk - Dismal
Om Unit vs Kromestar - Merkabah
Mono/Poly - With Grace
CLP - Superconfidential Instrumental (screwed)
Sesped - Get Around Girl
Beautiful Swimmers - No!
Company Flow - Linoleum
Dimlite - Occasionally Touching Earth
Tehbis - Bristol Way
Arp 101 - Mystery Man
Akabu - Akabu’s Theme
James Pants - 1988
Clams Casino - She’s Hot
E-40 (Feat. Kendrick Lamar & Droop-E) - Catch A Fade
Aardvarck - Nose
DJ Rels - Waves
Pursuit Grooves - Transformation of Consciousness 
Africa Hitech - Our Luv
C2C4 - Specimen 6
Rich Medina - Emancipation Suite
Kyle Hall - B Eatn Gritz
Devin the Dude - Doobie Ashtray (screwed)

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