Impressions of unreal city.

Flo Platfords recent unreal city exhibition was incredible. 

This is Alex Lowther-harris’ poetical review. 

Impressions of unreal city

"Sustained and distorted.

A wretched grind to a pleasant pulse.

A pulse leathered through un-treatment and constant effort.

A mass veined and currently oppressed by your interaction of a space.

A mass compiled. Arranged in strange curiosities and mended on brilliant strengths.

Such wandering voices, a strange emptiness.

Vibes of concrete, an image of a city, an image angled and re-evaluated.

Concern diminishes.

Clatters of different noises.

A vast array of sound pulsating through the half light.

Lost in a new/unreal world.

An unreal city rises out of near nothing.

A group chats and engages.

Strange noisy place grinds into earth night.

By Alex Lowther-Harris.”

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