Our first stand-alone exhibition.

It included a range of mediums including illustration, photography, graphic design, film installation and audio interpreting Siberia.We aim to explore the region’s history, religion, architecture, politics and art.

The exhibition featured illustrators; 
Will Berry, 
Kid Milk, 
Dan Kimber & FREnchfire. 
Filmmaker and artist Liam Healy
Music producers Big War and FREnchfire.

Generic Greeting Collective was founded in October 2010 by George Haydock,Will Berry, Liam Healy & Rich James. It set out to combine Illustration, Film & Music. It has now grown to twelve members including illustrators, designers, film makers, photographers, producers, DJs,VJs and more from around the UK.

Video - Matthew Rowlands
Video music - Big War
Interviewee - Will Berry

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