video by George Haydock & Matt Rowlands of Generic Greeting Collective.

'Edition' a collaborative project with DR.ME, SAVWO and the University of Salford

DR.ME and SAVWO are some of the most prolific and highly regarded members of Manchester’s young design scene. With an impressive and growing list of clients from Umbro to Manchester International Festival their left field approach has record labels and bands clambering for their wares in a city well used to receiving international acclaim for it’s creative energy.

Designers Ryan Doyle (DR), Mark Edwards (ME) and Designer/Printmaker and University of Salford Artist in Residence John Powell-Powell Jones (SAVWO), were inspired to create the ‘Edition’ project by Screen prints produced by master printers from the Manchester Print Workshop in the 70s and 80s held in the University of Salford’s art collection.

'Edition' brings together the DR.ME and SAVWO studios in a disused space in the centre of Manchester. For a two week period, 'Edition' will become a powerhouse for 'new work for work's sake', creating prints, zines, drawings, paintings, postcards etc in limited runs. They will be joined by design and illustration students from the University of Salford who will be working alongside them.

The work created during the fortnight will be exhibited at the new temporary studio/gallery space ‘Edition’ over the weekend 2 - 3rd February.

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